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This sex pill is made mainly of international biologiclmicro molecule materials, along with manifold rare creatural and botanic medicinal materials. It use the most advanced techniques to maintain the biological activity of the active materials. These components will go directly into the spongu body of the penis and expand the blood vessel so as to accelerate the blood flow and increase the percentage of ketone in people’s spermary. That makes the erection harder and stronger. The particular late release feature of this product make the effect last in the body for as long as 7 to 9 days. So you’ll be tougher and long-lastin if you meet with sexual stimulation in 7 to 9 days after you use the product. This product give you a strong body and a charming life. Just enhance your physical performance and stop suffering from the prospermia!

Main ingredients: Pure imported materials, Velvet Deer Tendon, Gui Ban, Walnut flesh, Hippocampus, Medlar, RhizomeOf King Solomonseal, Panax Cynomorium, Roi Wu Rong, etc.

Using range:

1, It can used for people with slender penis or penis hypogenctic, middle ages or old people with weak body and kidney, people suffering from prosprmia and lilbido decline.

2, People who do not satisfied with his penis or needs increase.

3, People who is eager for a quality life, an entire self or longer time for sexual time.

4, People who has distress in the loins, and people who often tired, has difficulty in breathing. Suffering from anorexia, light in the head or has a drumming in the ears.

Usage and dosage: Take on pill 30-45 minutes before the sexual intercourse.


1, Do not be anxious for success and eat excessive pills.

2, After taking, if erect too many times and erect for a long time without ejaculating, please drink cool boiled water to dissolve.

3, Not re-use within 24 hours.

4, Do not take this medicine to abuse women.

Specification: 2500mg/pill*6pills

Storage: cold, dry place

Valid period: 3 years

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