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About the Product


Evil Root also named as Miraculous Evil Root, is a kind of healthcare product for sex enhancement which is made from some kinds of natural herbal plants and valuable animals, such as uoyang, xianmao, niuwhip, hyssop, angelica, medlar, tusizi, buguzhi with the help of advanced bio-engineering technology. These ingredients are used for tonifying kidney and strengthening sperms, and activating sex desire. Because of the natural plants, It does not have any adverse effects and without any hormone or excitant additives. It is suitable for people with ED impediment, premature ejaculation, undersexed and impotence person.

None Side Effects for its Natural Ingredients. It is your best choice for Men and Women Sex Enhancement. We supply Evil Root at the lowest price.

Main Ingredients: uoyang, xianmao, niuwhip, hyssop, angelica, medlar, tusizi, buguzhi,etc.

Special Effects I

1. Specially designed for men to quickly elongate, thicken and enlarge the penis to effectively rescue men from short intercourse sexual time.

2. The pleasure of sex time will keep as long as 75 minutes after taking Evil Root capsules.

3. It can activate the sexual glands of men to generates sperm, promote the secondary development of genitals, and make men feel strong and energetic.

Special Effects II

1. It  is also applicable to women, after taking it, woman's vagina began to suck and shrink, sexual organs increase congestion.Vagina will discharge more secretion, enhance sexual desire and pleasant sensation.

2. It is helpful for women with sex apathy and women with dull and dry vagina.

Usage: Take one capsule and swallow with a bit of liquid (best warm water) about 20 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Specification: 1200mgX6grain.

Storage: Airproof, sunshine proof, put it in cool and dry place.

Expiry: 3 years.


1. It is suitable for both man and woman.

2.Children should not be given.

3.Do not take it  with any other medicine.

4.Do not take it twice within 24 hours.

5.Not to take when the character change.

6.Put it without children's touch.

7.If you have any discomfort after taking, you can stop take it for few days or contact to your doctor.

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