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The herbal ingredients in Dragon Power create a potent formulation that has been traditionally used for men with sexual dysfunction such as impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation and erectile problem.Dragon Power combines the most finely extracted herbs in precise quantities to produce the strongest solution for men. Herbal sex medicine


*100% herbal formula

* Feel the effects within 20 min

* Experience a harder and longer lasting erection

* Enhances sex drive and desire

* Prolongs performance

The use of Dragon Power Male Enhancement Supplement will yield the following results. 

* Increased Libidio & Sex Drive: Our proprietary formula has been completely tested and will end in a marked increase in libido. 

* Increased Sexual Sensitivity: When using this product you will find that it is far easier to get aroused, and stay aroused.

* Increased Blood flow to the Penis: Use of this formula ends in firmer, longer-lasting erections.

* More Intense, More Satisfying Orgasms: The combination of ingredients produces a more powerful orgasm, regularly after the very first dose.

Specification: 300mg/capsule, 3 capsules per box = 10 boxes 30 pills

Ingredients: Chinese Ginseng 25%, Semen Coicis 20%, Caryophyl Li 15%, Herba Epimedii 15%, Semen Cuscutae 15%, Radix Morindae 10 

Usage: One capsule every three days. For best effect, take 15 minutes after meal OR Take one capsule 20 minutes before sexual activity 

Caution: keep away from children.

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