Dragon Light 475mg 6 capsules
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1 Box contains 6 capsules (475mg)
An all-natural herbal supplement
Take at least 1 hour before sex
Enliven & maintain sexual vigour
Improve sexual pleasure
Formulated from a variety of herbs, proven to give results.
For best results take as part of a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Dragon Light is an ancient remedy. Dragon Light is a careful and proven blend of natural remedies have a very powerful effect. Taken at least two hours before, Dragon Light's natural ingredients will give you a great reaction, guaranteed or your money back.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and weak erection strength then you are not on your own. Around 40% of men complain of not being able to produce a satisfactory erection at some point between the ages of 25 and 40.

Dragon Lights works quickly, where you need it most, and contains only natural ingredients.Unlike many natural erection products, Dragon Lights helps you to regain an erection within minutes after ejaculation.Dragon Lights is available in Regular and Extra strength, scroll down to ingredients to see how they compare. If you’ve not tried Dragon Lights yet, you won’t be disappointed! 

Dragon Lights will also help you to regain your sexual control, as your penis fills with blood and your erection hardness is generated, you have much greater feeling in your penis shaft.

As we get older our erection strength can begin to reduce as less blood is pumped to the penis. This is often as a result of lifestyle, with tobacco and alcohol being linked to erectile dysfunction in men. Many men also suffer from the psychological effects that can cause poor sexual performance including stage fright with a new partner.

Taking Dragon Lights can take away your concerns. The ingredients work so quickly that your worries will be over before they begin.Taking Dragon Lights on a regular basis has helped men to naturally overcome both psychological and physiological issues to do with poor erection strength, the more your body gets used to achieving a strong erection the more you will be able to reduce your need for Dragon Lights.

Men who use Dragon Lights enjoy a more satisfying sex life

Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticocus (siberian ginseng) (root), Epimedium extract (leaf), Avena sativa extract (oat straw) (seed), L-Arginine, Sacra extract (rhodiola) (root)

Usage: Take one Capsules (475mg) 1 hour before the intercourse. 

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