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Stiff Delay Cream Dyclonine Ointment is the best seller men's delay product in Hongkong and other countries.

The new & improved Dyclonine ointment, Distributed by HongKong Dimeng.

The real effective male delay products. No side effect.

20g per pcs, about 0.705oz

Stiff delay cream-Dyclonine ointment - Hong Kong doctors recommendedthe top delay product! Natural formula, without any harm to the body.

Features of Stiff Delay Cream

Powerful Effects - lasting for many minutes, let your sexual partners to achieve fully orgasm;

No side effects - pure green formula, without any harm to the body;

Fast in effect- apply the cream at your penis 1 hour or 40 minutes before sex intercourse, you with get excellent results, taking a bath does not affect the effect;

To help improve premature ejaculation - Stiff delay cream-Dyclonine ointment assisted to improve premature ejaculation after frequent use.

Function Principle of Stiff Delay Cream

The action principle is to generate a local mucosal on the penis and glans penis with a slight anesthesia, thereby reducing the sensitivity of the penis, and prolong sexual intercourse. It's a very good supporting improvement for these person who have a very sensitive glans mucosa and penis skin. It will gradually form a stratum corneum in the glans surface due to the friction process between the penis and the vaginal, the stratum corneum could protect the glans and prolong the sex time. Due to the formation of a layer of cuticle, you will not lose the sex time even if you stop using the Stiff delay cream.

How to Use Stiff Delay Cream

For external use only

60 minutes before sex, wash genitals, apply suitable amount of this cream on the penis (do not touch the urethra), and gently massage the cream to be fully absorbed, until the eyes can not see the ointment, repeated three times for better results.

We recommend that you apply a small amount when initial using, increasing the amount depending on the actual need , and the effect varies from person to person, sometimes many times are necessary to achieve the desired results.

Cautions of Stiff Delay Cream

 1. Varefully read the user's Manual before use

 2. Keep it properly and beyond the reach if childrens

 3. Keep it in a cool place and away from direct sunshine.

 4. Don't use it when there are some erythra or scratches on the penis surface

 5. Don't get in touch with the eyes or mouth.

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